Block cyberattacks,

even the most


47% of cyber attacks are detected by traditional antivirus software.
Harfanglab EDR takes care of the rest.
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*EDR: EndPoint Detection & Response

Combat threats in four steps

Detect —  HarfangLab —cybersecurité

Don't miss anything.

Detect invisible cyberattacks with real-time behavioural analysis
of your company's endpoints.  

Identify threats —  HarfangLab —cybersecurité

Focus on the essentials.

Don't be overwhelmed by the alert noise .
Only investigate real threats.

Automate actions —  HarfangLab —cybersecurité


Don't waste time with repetitive manual tasks.
Automate your routine tasks and save time.

Eliminate Threats —  HarfangLab


Isolate endpoints remotely and
instantly block the most complex threats.


Above and beyond competition



Real-time detection of weak signals from suspicious activity on endpoints.

Investigation and neutralisation of advanced threats such as ransomware.

Centralised and remote management.

Development in the most secure language on the market (RUST).

Certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

business relevance


Multi-tenant capabilities for managing several clients and a global view of threat propagation.

Multi-platform support.

Visualisation and prioritisation of alerts in the MITRE ATT&CK matrix to support decision-making.

Open by design: public API for integration with existing solutions, adapted to business environment.

Customisable security engines.

Lightweignt agent with no impact on user performance.



Deployed in the cloud of your choice or on premises, with or without Internet access.

Free access to all your data anytime.

Retain full ownership of your data and leverage it for your business.

European solution compliant with EU legislation and regulations.


by design

Seamless integration with any cybersecurity solution already in place.

Gatewatcher —  HarfangLab —cybersecuritéSEKOIA —  HarfangLab Cukoo —  HarfangLab —cybersecuritéMISP —  HarfangLab —cybersecuritéGlimps —  HarfangLab —cybersecurité

The only EDR certified by the
French National Cybersecurity Agency

Through a central interface or through your existing orchestration tools, detect, investigate and neutralise malicious activity on your information system.

HarfangLab offers the first EDR certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency
(ANSSI) for its robustness and efficiency.

Privacy by design: data management is key for an EDR: our customers retain ownership of their data and can adjust their architecture to the degree of privacy their business requires.

Visa ANSSI —  HarfangLab —cybersecurité

Lacking security experts ?
Harness the power of our IA

Our data scientists and researchers have trained our AI on large sets of malware and goodware data allowing to augment security.

Our algorithms, deployed both at the desktop and at the manager level, enable immediate detection of threats. 

A.I. is not a buzzword for us, but a resource operated by a team of industry- recognised specialists who are working to boost the efficiency of your protection while improving the processing of your tasks, lightening your workload and allowing your analysts to concentrate on the most critical issues.

Why implement an EDR ?

to combat
all malware,

N°1 cyberattack (Gartner)

124 known families of ransomware (Forbes)

+255% increase in ransomware attacks in 2020 (ANSSI)

+435% payouts increase in 2020 (Forbes)

$234.000 average payout per event 2020 (Forbes)

x10 à x15 times the amount of ransom to recover an operational system after an attack... (Gartner)

Tested and approved for the most demanding operating environments

"They have developed innovative, protective and remarkably effective projects."

F. Parly
French Minister for the Armed Forces

COMCYBER —  HarfangLab —cybersecuritéUsed by French Armed Forces —cybersecurité


& on prem

All deployment options available

Azure —  HarfangLab AWS —  HarfangLab Google Cloud —  HarfangLab Outscale. —  HarfangLab OVH Cloud —  HarfangLab

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The cornerstone of your cyberdefence