Your new hunting tool


Investigate deeper

Designed with incident response in mind

1 — Better insight into threats

View all alerts associated with a runtime environment to easily qualify malicious behaviour.

MITRE ATT&CK mapping to drive faster investigation and response.

2 — Identify breaches faster

Remote data collection is possible at any time and from any machine in the network.

Helps understand the severity of an incident so that it can be prioritised quickly and correctly.

Avoid the worst

Adopt a tool that meets your level of expertise and minimise the potential damage

1— Eradicate and neutralise

Flexible and customizable toolkit to minimise business impact and speed up remediation and recovery.

Remotely contain and isolate compromised devices.

2 — Learn from experience

Unlimited access to months of historical data.

Gather evidence for regulatory purposes.

Enrich the investigation and remediation playbooks of your SOAR.

Replay scenrios to help improve security posture.


The cornerstone of your cyberdefence