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End to end automation

Save time on manual and repetitive tasks

1 — Multi-layer security

Our several detection engines complement each other to ensure the effectiveness of the solution against all types of threats.  

Ability to configure the security policy of our engines as precisely as you need.

2 — RansomGuard - our unique security engine

Specifically designed by our CTI experts, this unique security engine protects against ransomware attacks.

3 — Harness the power of AI

Our AI algorithms, deployed at both the desktop and manager level, deliver an ever faster response to discovered or potential threats.

4 — Automated and customisable remediation

Isolate compromised endpoints to stop attackers from moving laterally.

To neutralise threats remediation rules are applied on demand to all or some endpoints.

No lock-in

Investigate anytime, anywhere and without limits to understand everything that is happening in your environment in real time

1 — Detection and investigation

Easy to use advanced features, enable analysts to track down Indicators of Compromise and spot any anomalous activity on your system.

2 — Root cause analysis

For each malware code discovered in memory of a device, the administrator can view the disassembled code. It is also possible to collect the memory from the endpoints to gather additional indicators.

3 — Open by design

Our open API allows to automate common tasks.

Connect to any other cyber security solution with our connectors for NDR, SIEM, SOAR, sandbox, etc.

Manage our EDR directly from your SOAR if you wish.

Flexible toolkit

to monitor, detect and analyse the situation at different levels (from the local device to the entire installed base)

1 — Comprehensive protection

Protection of your for your entire installed base including servers, desktops and mobile workstations.

2 — No impact on the business

Our lightweight agent consumes very little CPU.

Installed in seconds on any workstation, and without rebooting.

Deployable on any cloud, public or private, or on premises.

Finetuning of your product to avoid alert overload.

3 — Multi-tenant architecture

A centralised console for  monitoring all clients.

The cornerstone of your cyberdefence